Luthers Smokehouse in LeRoy, Kansas

I was making a delivery trip to Hoovers in Burlington, Kansas the other day and decided to make a stop in LeRoy, Kansas.  Luther's Smokehouse in LeRoy has the best jerky around and we always look forward to running into them at Sugar Mound in Mound City in the fall to stock up.  

Decided our peppers might just like being in their store and walked across the street to talk to the owner and all he did was take one look at our jar and exclaimed about how much he loves our peppers!  He would pick up jars at the Sugar Mound show and then just eat them straight out of the jar!  A Pepper Fan!

I now look forward to making deliveries because now it means I can always have their jerky and it makes great gifts!  They were working on a ghost pepper jerky while I was there!  Smoking Hot!  

Luther's Smokehouse

Posted on May 27, 2014 .