Delivery Day

Fall Colors.jpg

Today was My delivery day to the city. Checking in with our stores, and stocking shelves. I Started in Belton, Blue Springs, and Lee's Summit and now the shelves are all stocked up. I Met the new owner's daughter at A Thyme For Everything in Lee's Summit.  they are continuing to carry our peppers as they have found we are a pretty popular item in the store.  Iā€™m happy that the store, Jet Green, had devoted herself to will continue on. we wish her nothing but the best in her retirement! She was one of The first shops that we approached many years ago and she welcomed us and our peppers with open arms and support!

While on the road, I received a phone call order from Trina at Clarks Custom Meats in St. Joesph and decided to make the drive and escape the city. Trina, has been sampling our peppers on the weekends and found that one little bite is all it takes for her customers to pick up a jar. She also shared that her cornbread has been taken to a new level with the addition of our peppers. She likes to drizzle half butter and honey over the top right before taking the cornbread out of the oven. I'm so going to do that!

Sometimes my GPS has a mind of its own! in a roundabout way to St. Joesph, I passed by The Farmers House, on Hwy 273 outside of Weston, MO and decided to stop and see if they would be interested in carrying our sweet peppers. Our reputation proceeds us and Johanna said she has had requests for our peppers. If I could buy my GPS a treat I would have!!! 

The Farmers House provides a variety of programs and services for youth and adults with developmental disabilities. The goal is to increase self-reliance and encourage positive social interactions through the community. the Farmer's House is a not for profit organization and proceeds from their enterprises are used to support the programs, enabling education, training, and employment of individuals with developmental disabilities. 

They have 3 locations: The one I stopped at is right off Hwy 273 North in Weston, MO. it is due to close for the season but they will take our peppers to their other locations: 415 Main Street, Weston, MO and 4740 Rainbow Boulevard, Westwood, KS. I hope this will make our Weston Pepper Fans happy and that you will go out of your way to support such a great cause. 

I feel like I've driven around the world today but the trip to Weston and St. Joesph really made my day. The fall foliage is turning and the colorful hills along the drive had me pulling over just to take in the beauty and enjoy the day. I hope you can get out and Enjoy the colors of fall!


Posted on October 25, 2017 .