Compliments That Make Us Happy!

We really enjoy the stories that are shared with us when someone places an order for our peppers. Some of you like to make a phone call vs doing things on the computer.

Janet in North Dakota called and wanted to order a case of candied jalapeños for her grandson whose birthday was coming up. I had to ask how in North Dakota did he find our peppers and she said his mum actually got them from The Cook's Nook in McPherson, KS and he is a fan. He was coming for a visit and she wanted to surprise him. How awesome of a grandmother is she?

Ann called from Lenexa, Kansas and was searching high and low for our candied habaneros, she admits she is addicted. I directed her to one of our stores and she called me back to let me know she bought all 13 jars off the shelf. She is a pepper promoter with her family and friends and warned me to get the shelves restocked!

We have a close friend who has "office meeting parties" every Friday afternoon for his buddies. They like to grill and Roger started to puree our candied jalapeños and add them to his BBQ sauce. He gets lots of compliments on his sauce. In Mound City, Garrett's Burgers & BBQ just opened up and Roger dropped them off a jar of his "special" sauce. That was all it took and now Garretts offers his BBQ sauce with not only our candied jalapeños but also additional sauces with our habaneros and ghost peppers. PS: If you are ever in Mound City, Kansas be sure to stop by and try their ribs, burgers, mac and cheese, baked beans... to die for!

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Posted on July 7, 2017 .