Karen's Sandwich Spread

I received a phone call from Karen the other day. She was having a hard time locating our peppers in a Westlake Store. (The store is undergoing some remolding the last time I was in and the manager was not sure where our peppers were going to go). I mentioned several other stores in the area and she got back with me that she had found them. She loves our peppers and shared with me one of her of ways she likes to use our peppers. This is a post she shared with her friends!
"OMG - it's addictive!! Several people have been asking for my dip and/or sandwich spread recipe. Forget the normal boring mustard, mayo, BBQ etc on your favor meat sandwiches ... this has a surprise KICK! Been using since last summer with Kings Hawaiian Rolls. So give it a try this holiday season."
YUMMY = One container whipped cream cheese, Two (2) Tablespoons sour cream and minced Campbells Garden Candied Jalapeños.

Posted on February 24, 2019 .