Campbell Gardens Candied Jalapenos

Sold at local craft shows & farmers markets, we have had such an overwhelming response regarding our unique recipe that we have decided to offer our Peppers to the public. 

Located in Centerville, Kansas we have perfected our secret recipe that no one can duplicate. Small batch, finely crafted artisan from our own home grown and locally sourced peppers.  Just the right amount of sweet and then that all natural flavor of Jalapeño comes through in that one bite that makes you crave for just one more. 

The attractive jars with their red and green Jalapeños make a perfect gift for all your friends and family. They can spice up your regular dishes or are an easy, quick appetizer that Jalapeños lovers and cynics alike, love.

Click on the photos below to see the progress from seed to jar to your table!


Check out our story in Feast Magazine of how we started offering our families secret recipe to the public and the whirlwind ride it has been!  We hope you enjoy the read and thank you for your support of small business!