Why Our Candied Jalapeños Are So Good!

I was stocking a shelf in one of our stores yesterday. A shopper asked me about our peppers. She then asked why our peppers were higher priced than others on the same shelf. I explained we are a small family business and we are not "one of the big guys that have nationwide volume and automation". Which helps lower your costs, (not that we wouldn't love to be "one of the big guys"). I then showed her the labels of the "other guys" ingredients. We also looked at another jar and saw: Made In Peru! She promptly placed a jar of our peppers in her cart and said, "I can't wait to try them". Not only do we not dilute our brine with water but we also don't use preservatives, we are all natural and every ingredient in our jar you can pronounce. We think you can taste the difference!!!

Posted on March 2, 2017 .